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With POSmart you keep your family and friends close by giving them credit for their mobile phone. In 3 steps you recharge any prepaid phone, you only need the number, country and amount.

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Download and install the mobile version of POSmart for Android devices and enjoy all its advantages wherever you are


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Multiple benefits for users

Mobile Application

Download our mobile application for free. Save time on your purchases. Find the business you are looking for, how to get there, see the products and services you offer, or call and see what you need to know.


Accepted in all adhered businesses. You do not need a bank account. Minimize risks by not using cash. Possibility of several users in one account. Control of expenses and available balance.


Access promotions and offers only available in our business network.Take advantage of discount coupons for premium brands and products, just by using the POScard.

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Multiple benefits for businesses

Mobile App

Take advantage of our mobile application. New customers will find your business. Describe all your products and services. Add images and promotions. Share information with social networks.


Be part of our adhered business network. Accept the POScard as a form of payment and receive your money, without discounts, at the end of the day. Benefits for incorporating new users to the network. Totally free for your business.

Other Income

POSmart, through its terminal, will promote products of recognized brands. Being able to expand that exposure, depending on the available space. Your business can be part of these benefits.

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