Terms and Conditions

The Terms of use regulate the access and use of the service and website hosted under the domain name goposmart.com, as well as all contents that are displayed or made available to users of that domain and all subdomains and directories included under it, hereinafter the platform. The Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding contract for you and for POSmart LLC, hereinafter POSmart, in connection with your use of the services, so it is important that you read them carefully.

The Terms and Conditions apply to all users of the service, including those users who also contribute content to the service. “Content” includes text, software, scripts, files, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos, audiovisual combinations, interactive features and other materials that you can view in, or access through, or contributes to, the service.

1. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

In order to use the Services, you must pre-accept the Terms and Conditions. You will not be able to use the platform services if you do not accept the Terms and Conditions. You can accept the Terms and Conditions by simply using the services. You acknowledge and agree that POSmart will consider that your use of the services constitutes acceptance from the commencement of such use. You may not use the services or be able to accept the Terms and Conditions if (a) you are not legally qualified to hold a binding contract with POSmart, or (b) you are prohibited or legally excluded from receiving or using the services, by virtue of the Legislation of your country of residence or from which you access or use the services. We recommend that you print or store a local copy of the Terms and Conditions in your files.

Goposmart.com can be freely visited by registered users, excluding those areas that are closed, or that require registration in a specific user register, which implies completing the corresponding “User Registration”, to be carried out in the form expressly indicated in the services itself, or in the conditions that regulate it. In their case, they may only use the services offered through the goposmart.com platform, adult individuals, or legal persons through the company’s proxy or legal representative.

2. Changes in the Terms and Conditions

POSmart reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time, for example to deal with changes in the law or regulations or changes in functionality offered through the service. For this reason, you must review the Terms and Conditions regularly to verify these modifications. The modified version of the Terms and Conditions (the “Modified Terms and Conditions”) will be posted on the platform’s website, or placed at your disposal within the service (for any additional amended term). If you do not agree to the amended Terms and Conditions, you must stop using the service. Continued use of the service after the amended Terms and Conditions have been published shall constitute your full acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions.

These Terms of use may be completed by POSmart through particular conditions regulating the use of certain services or products that may be offered on the platform.

The collection and processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights on such data shall be governed by these Terms of use, the Legal Policy and the Privacy Policy.

3. General restrictions on use

IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED and, therefore, its consequences will be of its exclusive responsibility, the access or use of the services for illegal or unauthorized purposes, with or without economic purpose, and, more specifically and without the following listings has limiting nature, it is prohibited to:

  • To host, store, disclose, publish, distribute or share any content that may be considered an infringement in any form of fundamental rights to the honor, image and personal and family intimacy of third parties and , especially, minors.
  • Hosting, storing, disseminating, publishing, distributing or sharing images or photographs that collect images or personal data from third parties without having obtained the opportune consent of their owners, or without having made the appropriate dissociation of the image or the personal data in such a way as to prevent the identification of the person or persons to whom they belong.
  • Hosting, storing, disseminating, publishing, distributing or sharing any content that violates the secrecy of the communications, the infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights or the rules governing the protection of personal data.
  • Host, share, disclose, publish, distribute or share any material or information that is illegal, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, misleading, fraudulent or in any way contrary to morality or public order.
  • Use the service to injure, slander, intimidate, violate the image itself, or harass other users.
  • Make use of the website or any of the services illegally, or in any other way that may damage, overload or impair the service or the website.
  • Introduce computer viruses, defective files, or host, store, distribute or share any other material or software that may cause damage or alterations to the contents, programs or systems of goposmart.com, or other private networks or public POSmart.
  • Use the service, irrespective of its purpose, to send emails with a massive and/or repetitive nature unsolicited to a plurality of people, nor send email addresses of third parties without their consent.
  • Capture or collect email addresses or other contact information from other users through the service, in order to send emails or other unsolicited communications.
  • Hosting, storing, disseminating, publishing, distributing or providing unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, illicit offerings, promotional materials, “junk mail”, “spam”, “chained letters”, or similar communications.
  • Create profiles on behalf or for the benefit of legal persons (companies, administrative entities, organizations, associations, political parties, trade unions, NGOs, etc.).
  • Urge, ask or request other users, through the service, personal data or request passwords or personal data.
  • Create a false identity, provide and/or use false data in the profile, perform false manifestations, provide false information about oneself, and other persons and/or their relationship with them.
  • To register a profile on behalf of another person, or any other form of use of other identities, and in particular, the impersonating of personalities.
  • Use the service to organize any kind of games of luck, onslaught or chance whose participation implies money or economically valuable items.
  • Use the service or the website for the purpose of promoting and providing commercial services, or professioonals not authorized by POSmart.
  • Prevent the normal development of an event, contest, promotion or any other activity available through the service or any of its functions, either altering or trying to illegally alter your registration and/or participation, falsifying the result of the same and/or using fraudulent methods of participation, by any procedure, technical or computer, and/or that violates in any way the present conditions of use.

The accomplishment of any of the previous behaviors on their part, with or without economic consideration, will allow to postpone to, depending on the gravity and according to the criterion, to suspend or to cancel his profile of immediate form, and in his case, to withdraw profiles that violate this catalogue of prohibitions.

You are obligated to comply with all other provisions of the Terms and Conditions and of the POSmart guidelines at all times while you use the services. POSmart innovates consistently in order to offer its users the best experience possible. You acknowledge and agree that the form and nature of the service provided by POSmart may vary at any time without prior notice. As part of this process of constant innovation, you acknowledge and agree that POSmart may need to interrupt (permanently or temporarily) the provision of services (or any function thereof) to you or to users in general, as a result of operational requirement such as those related to the security of services, their security of users, or the maintenance needs of the services. You may stop using the services at any time and you will not be obliged to report it specifically to POSmart.

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible (without POSmart assuming any liability in front of you or any third party) of your failure to comply with your obligations under the Terms and Conditions and the consequences (including any losses or damages that may incur) arising from such breaches.

4. Links in goposmart.com

Services may include hyperlinks to other websites that will not be owned or controlled by POSmart. POSmart does not control the contents, privacy policies or practices of the websites of other third parties, nor does it assume any responsibility for them.

You acknowledge and agree that POSmart will not be responsible for the availability of the websites or external resources, and does not subscribe to any advertising, products or other materials offered through such websites or resources.

You acknowledge and agree that POSmart will not be liable for any loss or damage that you may incur as a result of the availability of the above websites or external resources, or as a result of the credibility you grant to the completeness, accuracy or existence of any kind of publicity, products or other materials offered through such websites or resources.

POSmart recommends that you pay attention when you leave the services and read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of all other websites you visit.